Introducing the theatres of Paris

Introducing the theatres of Paris

Intimately linked to the history, memories and spirit of Paris, theatre is an art form embraced by the capital. The venues are numerous, and the loyal public is always ready to applaud a production of a classic work or a more avant-garde creation. While staying at the Juliana, your Parisian home from home, why not take the opportunity to enjoy an evening at the theatre?


The spirit of the Parisian theatres

There’s a case to be made that the city’s Roman arena traces the history of the Parisian theatre back two millennia, but the oldest and most emblematic theatre still extant in Paris is undoubtedly the Comédie Française, which continues to stage the masterpieces of the greatest playwrights, including Molière, Racine and Corneille. But there are also many more inspired and inspiring theatrical performance venues such as the Théâtre de la Porte Saint-Martin, built at the behest of Marie-Antoinette and a former rallying place for the May ’68 uprising, and the Théâtre de la Madeleine, where Sacha Guitry presented 24 of his plays.


Exquisite venues

From the elegant Italian-style auditorium of the Théâtre Antoine, which has earned it a listing in the inventory of Monuments Historiques, to the painted coffered ceilings of the Ranelagh and the astonishing rotunda of the Rond-Point, Parisian theatres are also a reflection of architectural creativity and the search for the perfect décor. These places are ideally suited to the programming they host. For example, the sobriety and elegance of the Théâtre Montparnasse underscores the quality of the contemporary pieces played there. An evening at the theatre will not only introduce you to a play and its actors but also a place.

Classical, avant-garde, musicals, stand-up; the diversity of productions and performances offered by the theatres of Paris is vast. To get some recommendations for your evening at the theatre, please don’t hesitate to ask your Hotel Juliana team!



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